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About Us

4 Life is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization, established to fight with all forms of addiction. Started with work in 05.05.2008.godine. The headquarters is at the Bratstva jedinstva 73, Podgorica, Montenegro.

The organizational structure consists of three divisions:
- Department for planning and realization of prevention programs,
- Department for promotion and realization of the program of rehabilitation, (re)socialization and (re)integration of drug addicts
- Department of scientific research activities.
Work of organization is based on five principles, which primarily are refer and obligate on relation toward to each person as a human being. To 4 Life every life is important and invaluable. We welcome everyone, no matter of skin color, religion, nationality, sex, race, age, medical condition, marital status, sexual orientation, political or other beliefs, social origin, property, birth, language, membership in political and trade unions or any other personal characteristic.


NGO4 Life is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, whose goal is active contribution and collaboration on improving of health care system in Montenegro, the improvement of human rights and humanitarian work . NGO 4 Life aims also on active cooperation with national and international organizations in the field of improving health care system in Montenegro.

We are achieve objectives through: 
- Programs of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, selective and indicative prevention programs; 

- Rehabilitation of people who are addicted to drugs; 

- (Re)socialization, (re)integration and inclusion of former addicts into society;

- Assistance and support to families, friends and partners of addicts who are on drug addiction treatment; 

- Organizing activities through the participation of all stakeholders in order to create a wide variety of different 
programs rehabilitation;

- Co-operation with domestic and foreign organizations and institutions in order to collect, analysis and 
dissemination of results in the area of drug abuse;

- Cooperation with other organizations and Ministry of Health in Montenegro in analyzing and changing of legislative 
framework and strategic documents related to psychoactive substance abuse;

- Organization of seminars, round tables, symposiums and consultations in the field of public policy development and 
advocacy with the aim of improving treatment of vulnerable groups (drug users, injecting drug users infected with hepatitis C, HIV, drug addicts who are serving a prison sentences, women addicts, etc.).

The vision 
The vision of organization is the awareness in Montenegrin society on the importance of prevention of drug abuse, hepatitis C viral infection (HCV) and treatment options of drug addicts. A developed society without stigma, discrimination and marginalization of vulnerable groups in Montenegro.

The principles 

The work of the Organization is based on five principles. The principle of respect for human rights and freedoms, the principle of social inclusion, the principle of equality, the principle of voluntarism, the principle of transparency in work.

The principle of respect for human rights and freedoms

The goals and activities of the NGO 4 Life in compliance are based on the United Nations conventions, other international acts on human rights, as well as the Montenegrin law;

The principle of social inclusion

It is necessary to clearly define the terminology in the field of drug abuse. Make a distinction between the terms integration and inclusion. Integration means inclusion of individuals in the society in which they would strive to adapt to the changing themselves and their lifestyles. Integration does not mean changing the social environment of a former addict. The principle of social inclusion is achieved through the accepting of addicts in the society in which they will feel accepted, without pressure, stigma and discrimination against them and their families.

The principle of equality

The organization provides professional assistance and support for all persons, regardless of differences in any respect.

Principles of volunteering

Volunteering is any activity in which the time or professional capacity provided free of charge for the benefit of another person, organization or thing. It is part of the behavior with the purpose of helping and which brings with it more than a one-time obligation of helping in their free time, but less than full-time commitments. The organization provides support to 4 Life volunteer club, which mostly consists of young people and students of the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic. The advantages and benefits of their work are significant, both for them and for those who help. Some of these benefits include: increased expertise, increased tolerance, demolition of prejudice, greater confidence in the people, introduction to civil and human rights, a positive impact on their own development and maturity, etc..

The principle of transparency in work

The organization nurtures an openness to all forms of cooperation, exchange of experience, information, knowledge and skills, open and honest communication with all stakeholders, assistance and support to individuals, institutions and organizations.

Administrative chain of command

Management Bodies of NGO 4 Life are Parliament, Management Board and CEO.

President of the Assembly and the Executive Director is Sasa Mijovic.

The Administrative Committee consists of:

Milena Mijovic, Chairman of Administrative Committee and Program Director of the NGO 4 Life
Zarko Radulovic, businessman
Dr. Olivera Vulic, psychiatrist
Sabrija Vulic, journalist
Sasha Mijovic, executive director of the NGO 4 Life


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