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NGO "4Life" has held a seminar on the theme: Treatment of addicted persons who are infected with hepatitis C

 In Budva hotel in Budva, Montenegro for employees in centers for social work, NGOs "4 Life" 21. and 22. 02. 2017 held a seminar on the theme: Treatment of drug addicts infected with hepatitis C. The seminar was organized within the project " Improving the quality of social services and support services for women addicted to drugs infected with hepatitis C, "which is supported by the Commission for the allocation of funds from games of chance. Speakers at the seminar were Mr. Milena Mijović, Program Director of the "NGO 4" Life and Tijana Žegura, Director of harm reduction programs in the NGO Juventas.

Participants are familiar with the problem of addiction to drugs and hepatitis C virus infection in drug addicts and the possibilities of support and treatment for people infected with the virus.

The seminar concluded that the Centers for social work necessary to strengthen staffing and technical capacities. In smaller municipalities, it happens that an employee is working on several programs simultaneously, leading the case, tangible benefits, like mediation, etc. Employees in the training necessary to organize against burnout, establish teams for tours of addictive families with children, to provide shelter for the homeless, including more and more addicts drug, standardized services for people who use drugs and develop protocols and strengthen cooperation between institutions and NGOs that provide services to people who use drugs.

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