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NGO "4Life" praised the adoption of the protocol on the issuance of buprenorphine

 Since we consider very important that in addition to criticism of the institution, to present and praise, if there is reason we inform you that the last actions of the Ministry of Health and KCCG give opinion as very commendable and experience as well as the recommendations of civil society organizations, which certainly encourages and gives hope for good cooperation in the future.

The first reason to praise the adoption of the Protocol on the issuance of the drug buprenorphine, which was our recommendations and on which we have insisted for a long time. We recall that the Protocol due to lack of consumption of this drug was enormously increased, and that there were abuses, which resulted in more frequent shortage of this drug.
He also accepted the recommendations of the civil sector of the necessity of expansion of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs with representatives of all institutions involved in the implementation of the National Strategy for the fight against drugs. A few days ago we received notification that the composition of the Commission expanded. Although not fully implemented the recommendation, because we still are not in the Commission include representatives of the Police, Customs and representatives of NGOs, this rate as a positive step and we hope that in the coming period this recommendation to be fully filled.
Finally, the announcement of the Director of GHM Zorica Kovačević and construction of new buildings psychiatry, we believe that it will be fulfilled and recommendations of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs Ministry of Health of Goa from the previous session, on the necessity of providing the capacity to treat addicts and especially drug addicts, which at this point in KCCG but not in Kotor psychiatric hospital, there are no beds.
Sasa Mijovic
The Executive Director of the NGO "4Life"

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