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 In Thessaloniki (Greece) for a period of 8 to 10 June, the Conference on "Dialogue on drug policy in South Eastern Europe" where the NGO "4Life" was one of the participants. Topics are divided into six sessions aimed at promoting more humane, balanced and effective drug policies from repressive distanced approach. Theme is approached from the perspective of public health, human rights and harm reduction. NGO "4Life" was presented at the first meeting of its action plan and the completed part of the project relating to the two-day training seminar on the topic "The treatment of women infected with hepatitis C for the employees of the center for social work."

 The first session was held in a presentation of the program and methods of work, including development objectives and policy abuse. Divided experiences of NGOs from different countries on the relationship between the Ministry and the Government.
 The second session was devoted to initiatives in the countries of our region in connection with the implementation of the outcome of UNGASS and the role of NGOs. Coordinators in the discussion pointed out that their experiences and opinions regarding the implementation of the initiative in their countries.
 The third session included the presentation of the facts and the specific characteristics associated with women addicts.
 The fourth session was devoted to a presentation on the link between drugs and the Internet, as well as the experiences and possibilities of providing advice and information provided by the Internet.
 Fifth session met the presentations on the topic of harm reduction projects in Southeastern Europe. Definitely that culture change in drug use involving the use of new psychoactive substances.
 And at last, the sixth session with emphasis on discussion and development of cannabis policies in the countries of Southeastern Europe. Also included are suggestions in tackling the problems that should be the topic of discussion at the next conference in 2019.

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