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NGO Juventas and NGO 4 Life on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Drugs seek urgent resolution of the problem of addiction diseases in the domain of treatment, rehabilitation, resocialization and harm reduction

 NGOs 4 Life and Juventas are on the occasion of the International Day Against Drugs, which is celebrated on June 26th and within the global campaign "Provide support. Do not punish. "They urgently urged the problem of drug addiction problems. They estimate that this problem has been a problem of public health for many years, but that in many spheres it is inadequately treated.

Therefore, on this occasion, we are addressing the line ministries in the Government of Montenegro, primarily the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Drug Commission and the National Council for Drugs, in order to start working on issues of exceptional importance in the most urgent time Each individual suffering from addiction diseases, his family and ultimately for the society we live in:
1. Provision of a free stay in the Public Institution for accommodation, rehabilitation and resocialization of drug users for all persons in need for this type of treatment.
Free treatment in this institution is something that the non-governmental sector, in the first place, 4 Life, has been seeking for years, and due to the fact that the amount by which the protégé and his family participate in the cost of living equals half of the average salary in Montenegro, and that therefore This type of treatment is inaccessible to many families and their members, who are not financially able to pay for their stay and treatment in this institution.
2. Securing the payment of the costs of treatment in the Public Institution for accommodation, rehabilitation and resocialization of drug users, for members of families who are in need of social welfare and have already received the right to receive social protection benefits.
The free stay of persons from socially disadvantaged families must be provided in such a way that the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare through the municipal centers for social work will provide the monthly amount that the residents are obliged to pay to the Foundation. In the last amendment to the Law on Social and Child Protection, Juventas proposed that this type of support be included in the Law, but did not come to support.
3. Introduction of non-interferonal therapy for the treatment of viral infection by hepatitis C and the issuance of a license for the purchase of generic drugs of non-interferon therapy by patients.
Data from European Union countries show that interferon therapy, which is, unfortunately, still in use in Montenegro, despite having many more side effects on the patient, some of which are so strong that it is not recommended that the patient remain in the second condition by half Year after stopping therapy, or that the patient's partner remains in the second condition in the same time interval, there is also a much lower success rate than the new non-interferon therapy that has been used across the European Union, Australia, India and other countries over the last few years . Also, according to the reputation of the EU countries, it is necessary to approve the import of generic drugs, so that patients can buy them themselves, while doctors will be able to administer and monitor the condition of the patient, which is allowed in most countries in the region.
In addition to the priority measures to be dealt with urgently, the NGOs Juventas and 4 Life will submit a complaint to the Ombudsman on the events of May of this year regarding the occurrence of substitution treatment with buprenorphine, and due to the open discrimination of the group of patients suffering from addiction.
The campaign "Provide support, do not punish" is a global initiative launched by the International Consortium for Drugs Policies, the International Network of Drug Users, the International Network for the Reduction of Damage and the International HIV / AIDS Alliance, and Juventas and 4 Life mark the third time in Montenegro. At the same time, in coordination with the Network of Non-Governmental Drug Policy Organizations in South-East Europe, whose members are Juventas and 4 Life Members, for the first time simultaneously, it is being implemented in 8 countries of South-East Europe.
Best regards,
Saša Mijović
Executive Director of NGO 4 Life
Tijana Zegura,
Director of the Juventas Reduction Program

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