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 The aim of the project (seminar) "Development of non-institutional approach to preventing and combating HIV / HCV infection in the region   The intention of the association HUHIV Zag ...
As a part of the Human Rights School which is realized by Centre for Civic Education, Saša Mijović, Executive Director of  NGO '4 LIFE'  has held a lecture 'The rights of the drug ad ...
As a part of the Project Education in the Protection against discrimination implemented by the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, in cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Montenegro, today complet ...
The construction contract was signed yesterday by Aleksandar Radinović, director of  the Public Institution and Joko Blagojević, director of 'Fidija', which is the contractor. Building women de ...
After last year's report on the progress in the negotiations between Montenegro and the EU there was no letter on the state of drug users and addicts in Montenegro, this year's Report, we are satisfie ...
Press conference is an ending activity of campaign “Month of struggle against drugs” which was organized by NGO 4 Life, Department of labor and social welfare, Department of human and mino ...
Activity “I choose” has a goal to point out on different life and personal commitment of persons who abused substances. After recovery they are aware of drug alternatives and that now, pos ...
Campaign “Month of struggle against drugs” has being realized by NGO 4 Life along with Department of labor and social welfare, Department of human and minority rights, Montenegro Stars hot ...
On billboards, city lights and posters are presented messages of former drug abusers and members of their families. The goal of these messages is to show to broader public on areas of life, misconcept ...
As a part of campaign Month of struggle against drugs, 14.06.2014. in Tološka šuma, NGO 4 Life has organized a lecture about prevention of risky behaviors and drug abuse, for members of ...
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