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The research informations of Institute of Public Health (2004) shows that the first contact with psychoactive substances have children in the fifth grade of primary school, in age of 11. Prevention programs have so far been included in the primary school (third cycle) and high school age of children. NGO 4 Life advocating for years to come up with a custom view of prevention begins early as kindergarten. The preschool age children are neglected as a result of insufficient knowledge of the possibilities and importance of this age.

Preventive programs for the early ages are conducted around the world, mostly under the motto "it`s never too early". These programs are primarily focused on promoting healthy lifestyles, development of tolerance, recognizing their own and others' emotions, respect other people's opinions, active listening, peaceful resolution of conflicts, decentralization, developing empathy and similar. Through pre-school and early school education, with children, but also with their parents, it should be raising their awareness of their parents about permanente upbringing and education of children's personality.

NGO 4 Life, in within the Program of prevention for school age and Strategy of fight against drug abuse, conduct primary and secondary prevention of drug abuse. The term primary prevention mean to prevention aims to prevent drug use and secondary prevention aims to reduce the current risk behaviors and symptoms through early intervention. On planning and implementation of preventive measures, NGO 4 Life accomplish cooperation with a number of educational institutions and the Police. During the implementation of measures of prevention, drug control and drug supply reduction NGO 4 Life is based on respect for the UN documents and UN drug control policy, and domestic legislative and policy documents. Methods of Life 4 NGOs applied in order to reduce the drug supply are: supporting and implementing good preventive practices (primary and secondary prevention) - focusing on the causes of drug abuse, education, community, counseling, public information, public education campaigns and initiatives. Team Life 4 NGO which works on prevention programs for children of school age, carefully preparing every action aimed at this population. Working with children and young people is based on experiential stories and interactive workshops, lecturing-interactive type. Interactive workshops are aimed at: increasing the level of self-esteem of young people, the development of social skills and assertiveness, encourage the adoption of effective strategies to solve problems, develop responsibility for their own development and their own actions, and increasing of tolerance on stress and problems, preventive actions on deviant behavior such as alcoholism, drug abuse, suicidality, prostitution and etc...

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