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Empowering and encouraging of research into the problem of psychoactive substances abuse is necessary and essential, because without quality scientific research fact-based, there is no valid conclusions, and therefore no implications for future work in any of the areas of work in the field of successful national response to drugs.

Department of Scientific Research of NGO 4 Life is a team of experts and scientific workers, foreign associates of the organization. The team includes: Master of social pathology, Master of Pedagogical Sciences, Doctor of Defectological Sciences, psychologist and special pedagogue. Scientific research work team has focused on improving of methods of rehabilitation, re-socialization and reintegration of addicts into society. For this purpose, has been done a few longitudinal studies shaped in the case studies and survey of public opinion " The public perception of the degree of distribution drugs in Montenegro" and the exit study "Prospects for the development of addiction diseases treatment of women in Montenegro".  Techniques and instruments commonly used for monitoring and evaluations are: focus groups, unstructured interviews, surveys with both open and closed type, different scale assessments, etc…

In order to improve the rights of drug addicts NGO 4 Life is engaged in lobbying and advocacy. Some of the initiatives include:

- After two years of our intensive lobbying and advocacy for persons infected with hepatitis C who are serving a sentence of imprisonment provided free treatment and that right was enabled. In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro, 19 April 2013th year, we organized a meeting with representatives of the institutions responsible for addressing this issue, and at that meeting it was agreed that all prisoners infected with hepatitis C should be treated and that all treatment costs be provided by the state. Until then, that right was denied to them.

- NGO 4 Life on May 26 2011 to The National Office for fight against Drugs submitted a proposal for better cooperation and more effective fight against drug abuse (31 measures). One of them is already realized.

- Adopted all commentaries of NGO 4 Life on the National Strategy on Drugs 2013-2016. One proposal that was adopted was to unify the terminology, to be removed the term "junkie" that was used in the previous strategy and instead of him to be used the term "drug addict or drug user."

- In the 2013 the
municipality of Podgorica, the Union of Municipalities, Municipality of Niksic, Herceg Novi municipality and the NGO 4 Life through partnership applied with project for IPA funds for the construction of the rehabilitation and re-socialization of women addicted to drugs. The project was approved and the Center started with the construction in January of 2014,  and has complited and officialy opened on 17th of December in 2015.  Until then, the women addicts in the Montenegro have been discriminated because there was no center for rehabilitation and re-socialization for them, while for men exists.

In order for this issue to be resolved, the NGO 4 Life was in 2012 and 2013 year been very active in lobbying and advocating for the construction of the Centre:

- During 2012 and 2013 the NGO 4 Life is three times instructed the initiative to the President of Montenegro, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare to stop the violation of basic human rights for women addicted to drugs and urged them to build a center for rehabilitation and re-socialization for women addicts of drugs, and to enable them to enjoy the same rights as men, for which there is such a center. We pointed to the existence of this problem and addressed the public and representatives of institutions with statements for the International Human Rights Day 2012 and 2013;

This problem was internalized and throughout 2012th in cooperation with the International Drug Policy Consortium launched a public debate on an international level of this problem in Montenegro, and received the support of regional network SEE Network.

- We have also in the past two years led an intensive media campaign in order to inform the public of the problem of discrimination against women addicts and the lack of places where they would be rehabilitated and re-socializated (more than 30 TV reports and guest appearances on TV, articles in electronic and print media).

- During the 2012, representatives of the NGO 4 Life have introduced all the parliamentarians clubs with the lack of space for treatment of women drug addicts in Montenegro;

- Representatives of the NGO 4 Life are in 2012 at the meeting with the Deputy Minister for Human and Minority Rights, Ms. Blanka Radosevic Marovic and Advisor to Minister the issues of gender equality Irena Boskovic, presented the problem of the lack of the Center for the treatment of women drug addicts. Adviser to the Minister the issues of gender equality have given support to the project for construction of the new treatment Center of women addicts;

- In February 2013, representatives of the NGO 4 Life have informed Deputy Ombudsman Marijanu Lakovic with the violation of basic human rights of women addicts in Montenegro. We have sent to the Office of the Ombudsman over 15 elaborated problems of drug users in Montenegro, of which one was discrimination against woman drug addicts-the lack of facilities for rehabilitation and re-socialization. At the seventh session of the Committee for Gender Equality Ombudsman we informed the Committee members on the issue of the lack of treatment Centers for woman drug addicts and underlined the need of resolving this issue;

- One of the recommendations and suggestions of the NGO 4 Life on the National Strategy on Drugs 2013-2020 was also the construction of the Centre;

- In the 2013th year we provided comments to the negotiating chapter 23, and one of them was a Discrimination against Women addicts and recommendation was to provide them equal treatment as well as for men and build a Center. It was also one of our comments for the final report on progress in negotiations between Montenegro and the EU on which we have received positive response from the EU Delegation.

- During 2012 and 2013, we have continuously informed the EU Delegation in Montenegro and the U.S. Embassy about this problem, and these comments are included in their annual reports on the situation in Montenegro.

- We are also on the existence of this problem informed the Government Office for Cooperation with NGOs and from them get the support for the establishment of the Center for addicted women with children.

- In December 2011. The NGO 4 Life organized a roundtable for representatives of institutions and non-governmental organizations on the topic of "alternative sanctions" and proposed to be introduced in Montenegro. After that were organized meetings with representatives of the parliamentary groups in the Montenegrin Parliament in order to present the institute of alternative sanctions. Executive Director of the NGO 4 Life's in 2013 was chosen to participate in the working group for drafting the Law on probation and sentencing of community service.

- During the 56 sessions Commission of Narcotics Drugs (CND), which was held in Vienna, from 11-15 March 2013, NGO 4 Life won international recognition for his work. On that occasion Michael Perron, executive director of the VNGOC stated NGO 4 Life amongst 15 organizations from around the world whose actions serve as an example of good practice and, as such has been presented to organizations who are dealing with the problem of drug addiction.

NGO 4 LIFE firs time sent 01. 07. 2013. to responsible Initiative to provide free treatment rehabilitation and (re)socialization of persons who used drugs. After that, repeatedly called upon competent, continuously performed talks and demanded to abolish the payment of treatment, and after the Public Invitation was sent to mark the International Day against Drug abuse, on 26. june 2015. year, the Board of Public Institution for accommodation, rehabilitation and (re)socialization of users of psychoactive substances - Podgorica, decided that the participation for treatment benificiaries reduced from 330 to 230 euros per month.

- In June, 2013 VNGOC formed an informal committee to participate in the making of review at the highest level for the year 2014. A representative of the NGO 4 Life Milena Mijovic is been elected member of the Commission. The document will be presented at the 57 session of the Commission on Drugs (CND), which will be held in Vienna in March 2014.

- In March 2013. The NGO 4 Life is sent to Council for General Education the Initiative that a subject the Healthy lifestyles to be obliged to starts to be studied sixth grade of primary school and ending with ninth grade. Currently this is an elective course and the students attending it in the eighth and ninth grade.

NGO 4 Life was in 2011. marked the International Day against Drug symbolically in kindergarten and indicated that it is necessary to start with the prevention from the earliest ages, from kindergarten.

- NGO 4 Life was 2012 sent an initiative to the National Council for the Prevention of Drug Abuse in its activities and engages civil society representatives as full members.

- NGO 4 Life is the 2012th provided comments on the law on drugs.

- A representative of the NGO 4 Life is 26 June 2013th participated in the special session dedicated to the celebration of the day of fight against drugs, organized by two parliamentary committees, the Committee on Labor, Health and Social Welfare and the Committee on Education, Science, Culture and Sport. On that occasion, as well as the joint press conference by the NGO 4 Life that day was held with representatives of public institutions for accommodation, rehabilitation and re-socialization of drug addicts, Department of Social Welfare and the Capital Health Center Podgorica,
representatives of our organizations have called the Minister of Labor and social Welfare of Montenegro to provide free rehabilitation and re-socialization for drug addicts.

- In November 2013 the NGO 4 Life is to EU Delegation to Montenegro submitted comments on the report on Montenegro's progress for year 2012 of negotiations about integration with the EU. 
Comments are in the form of recommendations published in the Progress Report 2014. The comments concerned to respect the rights od drug addicts and recommendations for improvements for this target group. It was the first time that in any earlier report mentioned issues related to improving the situation of drug addicts. 

- NGO 4 Life is in 2013 made 18 comments and recommendations in Chapter 23 and 24 (fundamental human rights and contribution to the fight against drugs).

- NGO 4Life  submitted a request 01/20/2014. to the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights of Montenegro to incorporate drug addicts in the discriminated and marginalized groups.

In addition, NGO 4 Life continuously participates in the development of documents related to this issue at the local, national and international level.
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