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(Re)integration into society is continuing process of rehabilitation and (re)socialization and the process that takes place under the supervision of a professional team of NGO 4 Life. This is perhaps the crucial moment whether it will treated addict continue the successful abstinence or will return to old society and the old habits. As it is known, addicts often after completion of treatment can not successfully integrate into society for a variety of reasons, one of which is public opinion on the issue of addiction which all addicts population marginalize, stigmatizes and excludes from work and school environments. Especially, the situation is complicated when it comes to reintegration of addicts who are serving a prison sentence. The society has a prejudice against them and marginalize them, and their employment is difficult to obtain, as most of them do not have available help, due to lack of funds. The moment when a former addict and former prisoner comes out to freedom, faced with a range of problems, both with themselves, so with the immediate environment in which they live. The basic need of every human being is the need for the acceptance by others. This group is twice discriminated, labeled and, in general, society, and the wider professional community, do not pay enough attention to their treatment. In 4 life we perform acceptance of these people and their disposal all the technical and human assistance and support.With the help of sponsors and friends of organization, people who use our services are able to find a job, to be a one-time financial assistance, can obtain support and assistance of experts, and experiential counseling, conduct structured leisure activities within the Day Care Centre and so on. Since 1 July 2013 the NGO 4 Life is with the support of UNDP in Montenegro launched a social protection service "Help service and support of social inclusion of drug addicts." In this project, the addicts who go through the drug addiction program through theoretical lectures and practical training learn the basics of graphic design and production of promotional materials, so they can be enable to independently produce the same (business cards, flyers, brochures...) on a photocopy machine supplied for these purposes. Placement of these products belongs to earlier engagement team of NGO 4 Life, where he contracted cooperation with the private companies and individuals. In this way, the addicts after the training will be more competitive at the labor market and within part of this project provided the opportunity to be engaged in work.

So, they have a chance to the help and support to return in the social environment, ordinary life-work and family responsibilities.

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